About us

Scrn emerged from the desire to inspire people and empower brands in a quickly changing world, by providing meaningful digital and analogue communications, PR and branding services.

Defining the future

Everything we do is eventually connected. Online and offline. Communications and PR. Aesthetics and functionality. Strategy and implementation. They will continue to converge into one discipline that will define the future. We want to be part of defining that discipline.

Inspiring people, empowering brands

There are an estimated 4 billion smartphones, laptops, desktops and television sets in the world. This means much of the world’s communication goes through screens. With its endless opportunities and inevitable challenges, the screen is one of the most powerful devices in the world. As its dominance will grow, its importance will too. It affects how people see the world, and empowers brands to build stronger connections with their stakeholders. The future will, for a large part, be determined by mankind’s ability to harvest the opportunities and overcome the challenges that come with this new reality. We work every day to help organisations do exactly that.


How it all started

Founded back in 2003, by Dutchman Sietse Bakker. More or less in a garage. Formerly known as Wow!works.


Awards we won

Awwward, FWA, Design Award, CommsTalent of the Year 2011 and a nomination for a Webby Award. Hungry for more.


What inspires us

Everything big starts with something small. To date we haven’t found a single exception to the rule.


Join the team

Looking for a new challenge and want to make a great team even better? Check out our vacancies!

Backstage. FYEO!

Team meeting
Sietse at the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Team gathering
Holiday celebrations
Stijn in the fogg
Meeting at Twitter Amsterdam

Our core team is small and flexible, our expert network broad. We are strategists, designers, developers and content creators. And there are those who keep the business running. In the end, we are all storytellers.

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