Public relations

Strong relations are built on trust. No matter if you are an individual or an organisation, no matter how much you invest in owned and paid media: trust can only be earned.

Public relations, these days, is so much more than generating free publicity. It is a fascinating blend mixing the art of establishing personal connections and the science of strategically influencing stakeholders. We seek pride in finding the perfect blend between the two.

Public relations

One of the biggest concerns about outsourcing public relations is that your agency ends up with the excellent relations with your stakeholders, while you are marginalised or even completely out of the picture. Our initiatives are built to prevent just that.

Our public relations services include:

  • Event organisation
  • Press conferences
  • Web care
  • Media & influentials relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Strategy

Now that you’re here – also have a look at our communications services.

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